Retreat Descriptions

All Retreats are geared toward weekend “get away” in a spectacular venue with first class food where all have a chance to truly get away from the day to day routine and be served. They are always in small groups (3 – 8 couples or 6 – 16 singles) as our content is not “seminar” material, but together we spend time in God’s word. There is no lecturing or making of presentations, but we discover truth through our group discussion and private exercises – along with plenty of free time to process privately. None of what we do is considered therapy or attempting to open up private matters – sharing only happens as each person and couple feels comfortable before the group. By the end of each weekend retreat, each life and each marriage dynamic has literally been changed – and they now have received and can use specific tools to live out their own spiritual journey with joy and wonder!

First Two Retreats for All:

  1. Abiding in the Vine:
    • This is always our first and foundational retreat. Christ says that “Apart from Him we can do nothing”. Every believer is called to abide in the Vine – In Christ. This retreat shows us how to abide on a personal level – hearing from God, abiding in the Word, and understanding the fruits that comes from abiding.
  2. Blessings of Unity - God's Best for our Lives/Marriages:
    • This is usually our second retreat for those who have attended “Abiding in the Vine”. Most couples struggle with resolving issues and making decisions. Usually either the male and/or the most dominant personality of the marriage dictate. This retreat shows us the joy and promises of going to Unity with God together (not just us together). We can fully understand God’s will for everything in our lives and unity is a big key to this. This has moved couples from conflict and mediocrity to full joy and wonder – literally changing their lives in one weekend.

Elective Retreats (after attending first two):

  1. Blessed with Every Spiritual Blessing:
    • This retreat walk us through the Biblical books of Ephesians and Colossians, unpacking the meaning and practical application of how we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. We are called to receive and live out a supernatural life; so we more fully explore the beautiful truths presented together in Ephesians and Colossians.
  2. Christ, Clutter and the Calendar:
    • All of our lives are too busy and full of activities and things to care for. This retreat walks us through an evaluation of these issues so we can restore margin, rest and joy back into our lives. God provides specific instruction as to the importance of having space and order in our lives and how to make decisions that will fulfill His purposes – resulting in very practical steps to live a life of freedom.
  3. The Covenant:
    • God’s Covenant is eternal: He promises to Bless us so that we become a Blessing – be living in the Spirit where we are receiving the love, power, and wonder of God and then giving it away – a flow thru process. This retreat walks us through the truths of this in both the Old and New Testament and how He gives us the power to carry out our side of the agreement to receive the blessings of His side of the agreement.
  4. Discerning God's Will:
    • We are all called to live every day in the Will of God – however, most people think this is either unknowable or everything that happens to us is God’s will. Neither is true. This retreat walks us through how to receive the clarity of God’s will and know His specific instructions as He guides our steps.
  5. Forgiveness & Reconcilation:
    • One of the issues that all retreat participants share is having “Un-forgiveness” toward others and the confusion of reconciliation, particularly with others who continue to hurt or oppose us. This retreat walks thru how we are called and can live in total forgiveness toward others (which is between me and God); and then establishes guidelines for reconciliation (which is between two people). We can live in forgiveness and not in reconciliation since depends on willingness to process truth together. There are conditions where we need to establish boundaries and not be burdened by unhealthy relationships. Great freedom is experienced.
  6. Living in the Kingdom - The Restored & Abundant Life:
    • We all are born into and live in a fallen world kingdom, ruled by the enemy. As believers, we are called to live in God’s Kingdom, under His ruler-ship. This retreat walks thru a deep understanding of the Kingdom and how we can live a restored and abundant life – not just once in awhile, but all the time.
  7. Living in the Kingdom - Righteousness, Peace & Joy:
    • The nature of the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy. We are called to live this out daily. This retreat walks through the understanding of these characteristics – and how to live in the Kingdom where these reflect the essence of our lives.
  8. Living the Deeper Life - A Study of Malachi:
    • The Biblical book of Malachi sets forth a series of challenges to God’s people to live a deeper, holier life. This retreat walks thru these specific challenges as we understand what they exactly mean and then how to respond so that we rise to a new level of the exceptional life in God.
  9. Living in the Resurrection:
    • Christ is alive – He has been resurrection – and is sitting at the right hand of the Father. All authority and power has been given to Him. This retreat shows us how to live in this resurrection life, available to us all – experiencing God working supernaturally in and thru us and receiving all the wonder of the resurrection in our daily lives.
  10. Overcoming & Deliverance - Stufy of the Life of David:
    • We all face adversity and are wounded, carrying unhealthy patterns due to our sin nature. Many think it is really not possible to overcome the adversity or be delivered from our patterns – but, hey, we get to go to Heaven; and many seek deliverance ministries that promise to free us permanently. Neither is true. This retreat uses the life of David to show us what is real overcoming and real deliverance – how to receive it and experience the fullness of all the God promises for all His children.
  11. Possessing the Promised Land:
    • After Moses led the nation of Israel out of Egypt, God promised to take them to and give them the Promised Land (Land of Promises). The Israelites refused to go, so while God had promised this, it remained un-fulfilled for them – in fact, they all (except Joshua and Caleb) died wandering around in awful conditions and never experienced the beauty of all that God was prepared to give. The next generation said “Yes”, and did experience the Promised Land. This retreat walks us through the wonder of God’s promises to us and the steps necessary to not leave them as only potential but realized as we possess them.
  12. Prayer - Connecton to the Life in the Spirit:
    • There are lots of misconceptions about prayer – most Christians give God their wish list and hope that some are answered “Yes”, but most likely not. This retreat walks us through the essence of real prayer – how to live in intimate relationship with the privilege of dialogue with God – talking, listening, processing what is on His heart and how we are to join Him in His work in us, for us and through us.
  13. Receiving and Exercising Authority from God:
    • One of the biggest misconceptions of the Christian life is that we basically live in the natural world and are subject to the natural cause and effect operating in this world. This retreat walks us thru the superior spiritual Authority and Power of God and how the natural is subject to the supernatural – and that we are called to receive and exercise this authority in our everyday lives. We have the privilege of not being limited to normal circumstances but connected to the resource that can make things happen, according to His will.
  14. Receiving the Wisdom of God:
    • We all need wisdom about all issues and decisions of life – because we do not know the future; and things that look good to us may not be so good down the road. This retreat walks us thru the ingredients of God’s wisdom, how to receive it in all things, and how to integrate it into our lives. We learn that we have the privilege of knowing what God knows – about every situation we face.
  15. The Battle of the Flesh vs. The Spirit - A Study of Jacob:
    • Because we have a fallen nature, we believers live with the constant battle of living in the flesh vs. living in the Spirit. Most believers think this a losing battle and accept mediocrity. This retreat explores the life of Jacob and shows us truths of how we can normally live in the Spirit and be victorious in this battle. This will lead us to freedom and the wonder of living in The Spirit.
  16. The Remnant - Preparing for Chaos Ahead:
    • There are events happening in our world that portend major economic and cultural difficulty – even collapse and chaos that will affect us all. This retreat walks us thru the causes of the upcoming collapse and the data that supports such events – and then the good news – that we can join God’s remnant (not guaranteed just because we are Christian) and receive His promised guidance and protection to still enjoy life in adverse conditions.
  17. We are What We Speak:
    • The words we speak have meaning and power; and reflect the essence of our heart and what we believe. This retreat walks thru the connection of our beliefs and our speaking; and how to let God transform our beliefs and thus our words; and then speak words of love, power and influence that truly changes the dynamics of our lives and those in our circles.
  18. Wonder of Walking by Faith:
    • All believers are called to walk by Faith and not by sight – we cannot please God without Faith. This retreat defines the true meaning of faith, how to receive it (is from God and not something we try to have on our own), and how to live it out – seeing God work in our everyday circumstances – what He does and not what we are doing for Him.