Throughout their Christian life, Rich and Linda have always taught and served young married couples, an early passion of their joint ministry. In 2001, their son, Peter and his wife, Shara, were working and living in Germany, the homeland of Linda’s family. Rich & Linda set up a vacation outside of Vienna, Austria in a 25,000 sq. ft. castle to enjoy a week with Peter and Shara and also a few of their friends from the US to share the experience (and the cost), along with their daughter, Michelle. Rich offered to lead a devotional the first day before they all went out sightseeing. It was so powerful after 3 hours of time in the Word, that the couples all wanted to do it again the next day, and then the next day, until that became the highlight of the vacation. God’s work was so powerful in each couple as God transformed each marriage in one short week through their abiding in the Word and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation is such a magnificent place. God spoke to Linda and Rich to understand what HE had just done, and to plan another retreat the following year, and plan it around the concept of grandeur and intimate time in the Word in the morning, time for personal touring in the afternoon, and a gourmet dinner at evening, shared together by the couples. They took another, different group of couples to Scotland and again experienced the same remarkable work of God in each couple. So, they did it again the following year in Loire Valley in France - more power and transformation. The following year in Salzburg – now two groups back to back. More amazing work of God. As they planned the next retreat in Tuscany, God spoke to Rich and Linda to begin hosting weekend retreats in their home in Castle Rock, Colorado. The ministry then expanded to annual retreats in Europe and several weekend retreats in Colorado. Each was revealing the powerful work of God in couples who have hearts to hear and learn what it means to build an exceptional marriage in Christ. As they were expanding the number of retreats through word of mouth (couples who attended were so transformed that they began bringing other couples and even small groups) in both US and Europe (Ireland, Tuscany(twice), France Alps, Austria again, Israel), the Lord spoke again to Rich and Linda to get ready to build a retreat house that can house more couples with a design that is conducive to gathering in retreat; and to form a 501-C3 with a vision to multiply and expand. There are now several couples who have been trained to host retreats in their geography and Rich and Linda host retreats every two – four weeks at their retreat home in Castle Rock and Europe & Israel. Each retreat is growing in supernatural power of God and transforming marriages through the process and dynamics of these retreats. All to the Glory of God and all through couples learning how to abide in Him and hear His voice.